5 things you can do with smart plugs

Us technical people love gadgets, No more than myself. However some gadgets help automated my life and how we can use technology to improve it. Smart plugs are small devices that plug in to your socket then you plug something like a light in to them. From this they connect to your WiFi network then a app on your mobile. Pretty simple to set up when following the instructions. Here are my 5 uses for smart plugs.

  1. Turning the light on at night. With the summer nights coming to a end in a few months time i have two bed side lights. Each of these are plugged in to smart plugs which then control the light. Each of these lights are set to turn on at 8.30pm. I can then turn them off from my mobile. More smarter if my partner is round at the weekend her side of the bed’s light comes on in the same time. Saving power at the same time

  2. Smart TV Rebooting. It was last year i got a smart tv. I cabled it look nice. However the issue is sometimes i needs the power cutting off to be rebooted. For this i have added a smart plug to allow me to reboot the television when it sometimes hangs.

  3. CCTV Camera reboot. One of the clients i look after has CCTV cameras in Europe at his villa. Issue is the camera sometimes decides it does not want to connect back in to the network. A smart plug is used to reboot the camera by turning the power off to it. 

  4. Greenhouse heater. My parents during winter use a small greenhouse heater to help keep the plants growing during the cold winter nights. For this we use a smart switch which turns the heater on and off. The great thing about this is when they do not have any plats growing we can disable the timings to save power.

  5. Alexa turn on Christmas. This is by far one of the more cool use of smart plugs. You can often group them together to make them turn on at the same time. We last year decided we no longer keep wanted to reach under the tree to turn the lights off at night. So we put a smart plug in with a timer. Now to make this cooler we linked them with the Amazon Alexa. Now just think how cool it is to say Alexa turn on Christmas.

This is not a full guide of how smart plugs can help you but a few little uses every day. There are many smart devices out there from light bulbs to sensors to speakers. There are some cases where they can be helpful for business which we will cover in a later blog post..

Mitchell Southgate
Help desk And Network Crew

I am here to help our clients with their day to day IT problems. I am also part of our marketing crew responsible for helping educate our clients to empower them to get the most out of their computers and devices. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by phone on 01279 800 037 or by email at [email protected]

5 things you can do with smart plugs
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