We are ASn34979 THIRTYNINENETWORKS - 39D Services LTD

  • Reciprocal Peering Requirements for AS34979
  • The destination address of any traffic you send to us must be contained within a route that we currently BGP advertise to you.
  • The source address of any traffic you send to us must be contained within a route you currently BGP advertise to us.
  • You agree to augment equipment and circuits as necessary to maintain uncongested interconnection paths.
  • You agree to maintain a 24×7 NOC with standard technical, administrative, legal, and abuse Points of Contact and provide us with an email address we will use to contact you.
  • You agree to respond promptly to communications and work cooperatively to resolve security, stability, and abuse incidents in a timely fashion.
  • You agree to BGP advertise only routes to prefixes delegated to you and your customers by a Regional Internet Registry.
  • You agree to not engage in practices generally deemed abusive or fraudulent, such as pointing default, rewriting next-hop, or failing to implement BCP-38 filtering.
  • In addition, although not mandatory, we prefer that peers that are large enough to meet us in multiple regions do so in at least two locations within each region, and maintain consistent route advertisements and origin ASes within each region.

Peering locations

At present we currently have a presents at / on:
  • Telehouse – East – GTT 10Gbps
  • Lonap – 1Gbps

Our Subnets

We currently using the following subnets

  • (39D Services)
  • 91.204.244/22 (TeleDesign)
  • 194.24,166.0/23 (TeleDesign)
  • (Private)
  • 2a0c:bc80::/29 (39D Services)

We are listed on the PeeringDB.

How to peer

Please get in touch with the network operations team. We can be contacted via our help desk on 01279 800 039 and ask to be put though to Network Operations. By email we can be contacted on [email protected] and make for the attention of the networks operations team

Our Services

  • Server colo
  • Web hosting
  • Lease lines
  • Broadband
  • Managed IT Services
  • Telecoms
  • Cyber security

By email

By Phone

By Social Media

Twitter @weare39d
Instagram @weare39d

In person and by writing

Runway House
North Weald Airfield
North Weald
CM16 6HR

Get in Touch With Our Team

    Runway House
    North Weald Airfield
    North Weald
    CM16 6HR

    01279 800 039

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