Charity IT Solutions

We understand and appreciate that your priorities as a charity differ from those of a profit-making business, but you still require a highly secure and highly available IT infrastructure to support the needs of your team and volunteers.

As IT isn’t one of your core functions, it makes sense to engage with a trusted charity IT solution provider who will provide you with the skilled resources to maximise your return on your technology investment.

Charity IT Solutions

As a part of our organisation’s corporate responsibility initiative, every year we take on a small charity of our team’s choice and support them on a pro bono basis. Our team is also encouraged and are given time to volunteer with local charities as another way of giving back to our community.

Additionally, we work with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations, helping to improve their IT infrastructure, providing expert advice, and delivering reliable and friendly IT support and monitoring.

Allowing you to do more

  • Get reliable IT support for your entire team.
  • Uncover better solutions from experienced, external perspectives.
  • Streamline your operations and minimise your costs.
  • Give your charity team the tools they need to excel.
  • Make smarter decisions that will give you an edge.
  • Enjoy an improved return on your IT investment.

Charity Cloud

Delivering your vital IT services from a cloud platform could provide you with a smarter way of working and unlock your charity's potential, especially if you have a lot of remote workers. We can help guide you on your journey or make sure that your existing cloud infrastructure is right for you.

Charity GDPR Compliance

As a charity, you undoubtedly have to collect, store, and share a great deal of personal data. As such, it is vital that you take the steps necessary to become GDPR compliant. We can help you do so, as well as help to ensure that you remain GDPR compliant as an organisation going forward.

Charity Virtual IT Director

Our senior consultants can draw on their deep understanding of the charity sector to help you with your IT strategy and make sure that you are maximising your technology investment so that your users can benefit from a reliable, secure, and highly available technology platform.

Charity Data Backups

Your data is your charity's lifeblood. You need to ensure that you safeguard your sensitive information by backing it up securely to multiple locations. This will reduce your risk if you are impacted by anything from a virus or security breach to data corruption and internal sabotage

Charity Internet Connectivity

Like any business you rely on fast and secure Internet Connectivity to keep your charity connected with your team and wider stakeholders. We can help you find the right Internet Connectivity for your needs and ensure that you are paying the right amount for the service you are receiving.

Charity 24/7 Monitoring

Our experienced monitoring team analyse your network and IT infrastructure 24/7. If any irregularities are spotted, they are immediately highlighted and action is taken in order to prevent, or, at the very least, minimise, any impact on the important work of your team and volunteers.

Charity Business Continuity

You need to ensure that you can quickly recover from an incident and return to normal operations. This will help protect your reputation, while also ensuring that the vital work you do continues uninterrupted. We will help plan and then test your business continuity plans regularly.

Charity Cyber Security

You collect a lot of data in the course of your operations, which makes you vulnerable to a cyber security attack. You are responsible for keeping that data safe so it is important that you have a robust, tested cyber security setup in place to minimise risk both to your stakeholders as well as to your reputation.

Charity 24/7 IT Support

Our friendly, experienced support team are available 24/7/365 to keep your systems operational and your team completely supported. Working with a professional IT support company that understands the charity sector can bring you much added value.

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