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IT Procurement

Information technology procurement is a vital part of any business, you need impartial suppliers who are interested in your long term success, and that’s where we come in. 

With the help of our experienced team, we can source the best solutions at cost effective prices and get them delivered quickly to avoid project delay. From software to hardware, whatever solutions your business requires we have the means to source and negotiate with suppliers to secure your IT products. 

We also stay up to date with market research to ensure that you are getting the latest high quality technology at the best prices. Our service extinguishes the need for you to spend valuable time on IT procurement matters as we handle the complete procurement process from consultation to supply.

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Find out more about IT procurement

Some of the advantages to IT Procurement

The confidence that you are getting the best advice and technology for your business needs.

The team at 39 Support only source the best technology for your needs, based on your budget. We are not there to up-sell or recommend any products based on increased margin or any particular vendor promotions.

Our economies of scale and strong vendor relationships

39 Support are vendor-neutral, but we also have the opportunity to procure a lot of hardware and software from an array of leading vendors for our customers. We use our economies of scale and our strong vendor relationships to source hardware and software quickly, dealing with any issues efficiently with expert knowledge and support.

A seamless service, with next day delivery and package tracking on most items.

No boxes left around, but delivery coordinated with installation, including computers pre-configured on arrival if required. No mess or disruption.

Our value-added services, such as our in-house pre-configuration service.

IT Procurement is more than just delivering boxes on time and for an agreed cost. We can add value to the process by testing and pre-configuring equipment for you, which shortens the time needed on site and makes the entire process more seamless.

Our licensing knowledge and experience

Licensing can be a minefield. Take advantage of our extensive experience and the knowledge built up working with a variety of customers to remain compliant as a business and get the most out of your software.

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