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You’re here right now because you want to

  1. Avoid and reduce the frustration of downtime caused by IT issues which hurt both your productivity and staff morale.
  2. Feel like all your IT needs and concerns are well taken care of by crew of experts in their field.
  3. Have a happy and motivated workforce who feel confident delivering the best service to your clients.
  4. Technology is moving fast and don’t get left behind by your competition. Now is the time to get your IT handled by our friendly crew


39 Support is a key player in many local businesses in and around Chelmsford. We can help your business with Telecom, IT Support, Broadband and Web hosting. Our crew are here to help your business pushing forward. We look after charities, Accountant, Solicitors, Haulage and logistics, Estate Agents and many other sectors.It’s frustrating when your IT system goes down. Your employees can’t work and are getting increasingly unhappy with having to apologise for poor IT issues.Maybe your systems are working but running much slower than they should be. This leads to further employee frustration, downtime and delays in delivering to your clients.Your valuable time is being taken up with complaints from staff and sometimes clients. So as well as potentially losing customers, you may see a rise in staff turnover as your employees become more and more disillusioned with their equipment and working environment. IT issue’s can cause low staff moral.The world of technology is constantly evolving and if your business doesn’t keep up, you may fall behind your competitors who take measures to keep their systems up-to-date.


You may have a go-to person who fixes basic IT issues. It might not be their job but they’re pretty hand or free! or even maybe a mate. But often they are simply keeping things ‘ticking over’ and not getting to the root of the problem and dealing with it long-term. Having trained crew of experts who do this day in, day out means your issues get fixed faster allowing your staff more time to focus on pleasing your clients. As well as advanced equipment, we have industry partners who inform us of upcoming issues (patches, security etc.) that would be difficult for you to find online. The crew often will know the best person to go when we face a issue outside our control.


When you have your IT handled by friendly experts, your staff can focus on doing what they do best, making your clients happy. Your staff will finally feel confident in the technology they use every day, and be motivated to do more and be more. Knowing your systems are in safe hands means no more wasted downtime or worries about being left behind by your competitors. You will feel relaxed knowing one professional team is taking full ownership of your issue – no more chasing around third parties, explaining what’s wrong for the tenth time.Having someone on top of every issue that comes up and fixing them before they turn into big, expensive problems means a better night’s sleep for you.

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