Why is Scalable IT Support Vital for SMEs?

Why scalable IT support for SMEs is vital

In our latest blog we’re looking at scalable IT support for SMEs. What it is, why it’s essential for your business, and what it means for your productivity.

Your business processes are central to the productivity in your business. Without IT support  the hardware, software and cloud technologies that make up your operational processes, your small business may not be efficient and effective. Your management processes should work in the background, without you having to worry about whether they’re going to work or not.

Q1. Do your existing processes work effectively and efficiently, and support your business productivity?

Most businesses have a pretty clear idea of their products and services, and how they fit together, but the processes that support sales, marketing, accounts and all of the other core business activities are often not fully integrated. Business process modelling can help with this, where a business examines its processes, activities, what it sells and how, team members, andd all of the other pieces of the puzzle that make up a small business. 

That process enables a business to look in detail at productivity and performance, and ultimately profitability.

Q2. Do the skills exist in your business to carry out essential business process improvements?

You might think that this sounds like something that enterprises or large organisations should concern themselves with, but small businesses have information technology needs as well. And the key point is that for any business that has set an ambitious set of business goals for growth must have the right IT building blocks in place, otherwise the journey will be a bumpy one, if it is even possible.

And that’s where scalable IT support for SMEs comes in. Scalable solutions mean that you pay for what your business needs today, and that need is fulfilled. In the meantime you and your team can concentrate on the important business of growing sales and nurturing your business.

Q3. Is scaleable IT support for my business going to cost more?

What a scaleable IT solution also means is that as your business grows and your requirement for greater IT capacity increases, your IT support will scale with you. So your business processes will always have capacity and have a very high uptime. Playing catch up when you need more storage, additional user accounts for your software platforms and so on, causes delays and could impact your sales.

So the answer to the question is, no, a scalable IT solution will maintain your productivity as your business grows which makes it a highly cost effective solution for a growing business. And scaling in both directions is possible, so if your requirements change due to a slowdown in sales, your IT can be trimmed to suit.

Q4. We’ve got a member of staff who enjoys IT can’t we do it ourselves?

Consider your productivity. What is the role of your member of staff? Can you really afford for them to be working on IT when they have a day job to deliver? And do they have the skills that your business needs to carry out detailed business process mapping, development, installation and maintenance of a scaleable IT solution? 

And more importantly, how fast and effectively can they react if something goes wrong? 

But it’s not just the manpower. Do you have the technology that you need to monitor your IT provision, see problems before they become critical issues? This is where outsourcing your IT really becomes cost effective. 

An IT support service (such as ourselves!) not only has the highly skilled experts that your business needs, but the monitoring technology, equipment and software that we utilise to support our clients would not be a cost effective investment for a single small business. 

And that’s the big difference between large organisations and enterprises. They may have their own in house IT support, whereas the most cost effective, efficient means for a growing SME is to outsource its IT support services.

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